About us

You are amongst the first few to discover ourtraditional cottage made of Czech wood. It is located in the Jeseníky mountains in the North-West of Moravia in a village called Olsany. It´s a place which is not well-known of tourists. Its natural marvels, , its castels, its churches, and its historical sites will not only seduce you but also convince you to come again.

The Cottage is at the village extremity, in a valley which is bordered with  a forest full of animals and mushrooms. The enclosed property (1000 m2) has got a playing area with a volleyball playground, a garden with apple, a kitchen garden and a barbecue area for the grilled meat lovers. There is a stream running alongside the property. 50 metres far away from there, you can see horses which could wake you up in the morning if you tend to sleep very  late.  And when it rains, the fire place is there to warm you up, and even if you stay inside, you really feel as if you were outside. You can enjoy your trip even when the weather is not good enough.


1. cottage 

For 2024: capacity max 8pers.

Since 12/2024: capacity max. 5 personnes

Disponibility: NOW

2. Tiny-cottage

Capacity: max. 3-4 persons

Disponibility: since 12/2024

3. Cottage + Tiny-cottage

Capacity 9 persons

Disponibility: since 12/2024